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Three Life Changing Books That Every Person Needs to Experience.

When I say these 3 books have changed my life, that would actually be an understatement. When I was in the depths of my healing journey and Spiritual Awakening, these are the books that helped provide me with so much clarity, insight, and guidance. These books have challenged me to think differently, taught me important life lessons, and brought me immeasurable joy. They have been my companions through difficult times, my sources of wisdom and inspiration, and have ultimately changed my life for the better. So if you are someone who is on a healing journey or going through a Spiritual Awakening, READ THESE BOOKS ASAP!!! Sorry, I don't mean to sound bossy, I'm just incredibly passionate about these books.

  1. Energy Speaks by Lee Harris

This was one of the first books I read from someone who is a Channel like Lee Harris. In this book, Lee channels his Spirit Guides, who he lovingly refers to as "The Z's". What I love about this book is that each chapter in the book is dedicated to a different topic and The Z's cover everything from relationships, self love, sexuality, family, etc. And the way they cover the topics is very concise and to the point, which I appreciate. I have personally seen Lee channel his guides and met him in person and he is such a lovely man who is truly dedicated to healing work. If I could give

book more than 10 stars, I would, because it really did change my life. I've also read it about half a dozen times. Buy yours here!

2. Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

In this book, Barbara channels the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened Spiritual beings, who deliver messages for the collective through Barbara. There are over 400 hours of channeled teachings combined into this book. One of the reasons why I love this book is because it was channeled by Barbara back in the late 1980's and the Pleiadians make numerous references to what is to come for the collective, all of which have and are happening. This book was also "ahead of it's time", because this was before "Spirituality" was trendy, like it is now. The messages in this book are POWERFUL. But be ready to learn about things like the Reptilians, ancient ancestry, and spiritual warfare, as well as principles on awakening, healing, and ascending into higher realms of consciousness. I have also probably read this book at least a half a dozen times and I get something new every time I read it. This book has it all! Buy yours here!

P.S Barbara has several other books that I love just as much. "The Path of Empowerment" and "Earth" are two of my other favorites.

3. We Need A Bigger Boat by Michelle Duarte

I'm beginning to notice a trend in my book choices, because this is also a Channeled book. The author, Michelle Duarte, channels her Spirit Guide, Eloram. This book is similar to Lee Harris's book in that if offers straight, to the point, life changing advice. I basically highlighted the entire book as I was reading it because every single word was that powerful. I will randomly just open this book to a page and start reading and I kid you not, every time I do this, I receive a message from this book that pertains to what is going on in my life currently. I also had the privilege of meeting the author and her husband and they are the sweetest people. I'm telling you, this book is life changing!!! Buy yours here!

I have read so many different books during my healing journey, but to this day, these 3 still remain my absolute favorites. If you have read these books, comment below and let me know how the impacted you!

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