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Sharing my "WHY"

Updated: Feb 14

Last night I was telling Jose (my partner) that I truly believe that everything that has

happened in my life in the past 10 years- everything from getting a divorce, to drinking ayahuasca in the jungles of Colombia, to getting certified as a hormone coach, to leaving my cushy corporate job, to traveling around the world, to womb healing pilgrimages, to dismantling and recreating my life, to learning from so many wise women, to moving to central America- ALL of this has led to me where I am right now.

All of this has led to me to creating and birthing RevolYOUtion.

I believe in my heart and soul that women deserve more. And I KNOW that there are women out there who are craving more; who want true sisterhood, who want to experience more pleasure, who want to feel connected to their bodies, who want to OWN who they are as a woman. And nothing on this planet brings me more joy than to witness and/or be a part of another woman’s healing journey and to see her step into the FULLEST expression of who she is as a woman. It’s more than a joy, it is a true honor. RevolYOUtion is so much more than a coaching program. It's a journey, it's a metamorphosis, it's a death and rebirth, it's an awakening.

I am honestly struggling to find the words for how to truly describe the vision I am holding for this program and for every woman who joins this program. I wish we were in a scifi fantasy movie and I could just transfer my thoughts and feelings to you so that you could FEEL what I am struggling to put into words. Because to be honest, when it comes to marketing, I’m completely lost. I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to come up with ideas and words. But how the heck do I come up with the right words to convey the absolute magic that I know is going to happen in this container? How do I explain that by reconnecting with your menstrual cycle, your life will absolutely transform in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. How do I “sell” what’s in my heart? Sure, I could plug some words into ChatGPT and it would spit out a bunch of fancy words and marketing strategies. Am I going to do that? No. Why? Because you know what we have that ChatGPT doesn’t? Heart, soul, energy, connection, intuition, and emotions.

Heart, soul, energy, connection, intuition, and emotions are exactly what this program is all about. RevolYOUtion is all about learning the language of your body, learning how to understand when your intuition is speaking and how to listen to it. It’s about tuning in to what your heart and your soul desire more than anything else and courageously claiming these desires.

So even as I am sitting here writing this, I’m beginning to realize.. I am not here to market anything or sell you anything. I am here to simply invite you to ask yourself what it is that you need and desire more of in your life right now.

How do you want to feel?  Do you feel truly fulfilled? Do you wake up in the morning feeling energized and excited? Do you feel completely at home in your body? Do you feel connected to your intuition? Do you feel like you have enough pleasure and abundance in your life?

If you answered no, but you DESIRE to feel more fulfilled, energized, excited, confident in your body, connected to your intuition, and owning your right for more pleasure and abundance, I want you to know that ALL of this is possible for you AND MORE.

My deepest desire is that every woman on this planet gets to experience how magical life can be when we are living in connection to our bodies and our cycles.

Maybe this program is what you need in your life right now, maybe it’s not. Your intuition will tell you if it is.

If after reading this you can feel something inside of you stirring and nudging forward towards joining this Sacred container, please know that it would be my absolute honor to have you. If you have questions or you want to discuss anything about this program, please know that I am just a phone call or a text away. And whether we connect about RevolYOUtion or something else, I would love nothing more than to connect with you.

Sending big hugs Sis.



P.S- this the is the “market-y” part of this where I tell you that there are limited spaces available for only $777 using the code “intuition” at checkout.

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