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Flipping the Script on "That Time of the Month"

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say there is quite literally nothing more annoying than when someone says, "Ohhh, it must be that time of the month for you". As if it's a negative thing. As if our bodies aren't going through tons of changes during our cycle, and as if those changes aren't going to impact us in a ton of different ways. And I get it, most people, especially men (since they are usually the ones making these comments), just don't understand what we are dealing with. They are clueless to the fact that we are experiencing massive hormonal shifts that have a massive impact on our moods, energy levels, and emotions. But because of this lack of understanding, there is now this stigma associated with women being emotional because of our cycles. And this stigma not only impacts the way we are perceived by others, but how we actually perceive our own cycles. Before I started learning all about menstrual cycle syncing and syncing my life with my cycle, I absolutely viewed my cycle as a huge burden.

But I think it's about damn time we start changing this narrative. Because while yes, there are certainly challenges that we face because of our monthly cycle, there are also so many incredible gifts that we can tap into. There are so many things we can learn about ourselves during this time if we shift our own perspective away from the belief that our cycles are a burden. So let's chat about some of the gifts that come with "that time of the month"

1. Our Intuition is on POINT: During this time of our cycle, our intuition takes center stage and our rose-colored lenses come off. While yes, we might be more easily triggered during this phase, that's not necessarily a negative thing. Typically, when we get triggered emotionally, it's because a boundary has been crossed. So during the luteal and menstrual phases, we have an opportunity to see these boundaries that are being crossed with more clarity. This is also a time when our intuition shows up loud and clear, letting us know when something just isn't sitting right with us. There is so much internal wisdom that we can tap into during this time of the month if we allow ourselves to open up to the intuitive nudges we are receiving. During your next luteal and menstrual phase, I would encourage you to really take notice of what is triggering you or what your intuition is trying to say to you. There may be a very powerful message you need to receive!

2. Embracing Our Feels: Let's clear something up right now: being emotional is NOT a bad thing!!! But we have had so much conditioning that has told us that being emotional is a bad thing, or that if we express them we are "too much". So what do we do? Instead of feeling and expressing our emotions, we suppress them. But here's the incredible thing about our emotions; they are ALWAYS trying to communicate something to us. And yes, while our hormones might make our emotional state a bit more intense during this time of the month, it doesn't mean that our emotions are not valid. Or that they don't deserve to be seen, heard, or felt. If we allow our emotions to communicate to us, there are powerful lessons to be learned about what is and isn't in alignment for us. Allow your emotions. Feel your emotions. Honor your emotions. Trust that they are showing up because they have something to tell you.

3. Cosmic Cyclical Connection: I've said it before, and I'll say it again; we ARE cyclical beings. Just like the moon, just like the seasons, just like nature. Our bodies follow a beautifully intricate rhythm influenced by the moon and mirroring the seasons of nature. We don't expect the seasons to always stay the same, the moon to never change, or the trees to always bloom, so we shouldn't expect that from our bodies either. Our cycle is a perfect example of what it means to ebb and flow and grow and contract. This time of the month is a time of slow down and contraction. By embracing this, we are literally embracing the fact that our bodies mirror the universe itself. And every single thing in nature needs to go through a period of rest and contraction. This reframing encourages us to live in harmony with our bodies' innate wisdom AND reminds us of how truly powerful we are!

4. Flexing Those Resilience Muscles: Our bodies? Oh, they're pure magic. They go through changes like artists creating a masterpiece, month after month. It's truly insane when you think about the intricacies of our bodies and what they experience. And while we are so incredibly resilient and strong, it's also so important to invite in softness and allow our bodies time to rest and recharge. Take a moment to revel in the resilience while also taking a step back to rest.

5. Self-Love and Pampering Galore: When it's "that time of the month" it's a prime time for pampering, not powering through. There has again been so much conditioning that has made us feel like we have to go nonstop and that we have to earn "time off". Well, first of all, we don't have to go nonstop. Second of all, if there is ever been something that is "earned", it is the fact that our bodies deserve a gosh darn medal for everything they go through every month. This phase of our cycle is a powerful reminder that self-care isn't something we have to earn, it's NECESSARY! So, let's sprinkle some extra love on ourselves because we're worth it and THEN SOME!

Have I convinced you yet? It's time that we turn the tables on all of this negativity around "that time of the month." because our bodies are absolute marvels!! The luteal phase and menstrual phase are invitations to connect deeper with ourselves, our intuition, our emotions, and treat ourselves like the VIPs we truly are. So, let's rewrite the script, give ourselves a standing ovation, and celebrate every part of our incredible feminine journey!

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