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Do you want, to WANT to have more s*x?

"I just don't really care about having sex right now"

"I'm just way too busy to think about sex right now"

"Are you kidding? Sex is last on my priority list"

These are common things I hear from women ALL THE TIME. Sex is at the bottom of the list. And in this very hectic world that we will live in where most of are juggling a hundred different things; jobs, relationships, family, work, Life... it's no wonder why sex isn't a priority.

Guess what else isn't typically on the priority list? PLEASURE. We can take sex completely out of the question and sub it out for pleasure in general.

"I just don't really care about pleasure right now"

"I'm just way too

busy to think about my own pleasure right now"

"Are you kidding? My pleasure is last of my priority list"

I'm going to say something that might ruffle your feathers a bit, but it needs to be said. And before you jump to argue this with me, hear me out!

The DESIRE for sex needs to be a priority in your life. Now notice I said the desire for sex, not even necessarily sex itself. Your desire for PLEASURE needs to be a priority in your life. And these two go hand in hand. Because the desire for sex means that you are connected to your sexual energy. And as a woman, your sexual is the KEY INGREDIENT to living a life that feels really fucking good.

Sexual energy = Life force energy = creative energy = able to magnetize your desires = more pleasure

When you are connected to your sexual energy, this is when you feel whole new levels of self-love, this is when you prioritize yourself, this is when you feel creative, inspired, and confident. The desire for sex itself is a byproduct of being connected to your sexual energy, because of course, when you are connected to your life force energy, you will naturally want to experience more pleasure, both in and out of the bedroom.

When you are living FOR your pleasure, this is when you begin to make decisions that align with what you TRULY desire. Pleasure is our intuition, it's our guiding compass that will always lead us towards what feels good. If you are constantly asking yourself the question, "Is doing "this" going to lead me towards pleasure or away from it?"- trust me, your entire life will change.

And this is why I wish I could shout on the rooftops to every single woman on this planet; When your PLEASURE becomes a priority, this is when you become absolutely unstoppable in every area of your life. This is when you can manifest effortlessly when you become magnetic, when you flow through life with ease, when you feel your most confident, and when you just ooze radiance.

But here's the tough love piece of this... you've got to want, to want it. You know that song that says, "I want you to want me, I need you to need me...". Picture this is your pleasure speaking to you. It wants to be WANTED by you.

Half the battle is just admitting to yourself that maybe you just haven't wanted to feel sexual or you haven't wanted to feel pleasure. And if this is you, don't worry Sis, I've been there so many times in my life and will probably be there again. We have been so conditioned to put our own pleasure on the backburner, we have been so conditioned to feel shame about sexuality that we have disconnected from it. On top of that, there is a whole slew of wounds that are tied to the reasons why as women, we shy away from truly claiming our sexuality and demanding pleasure. For example, if we have worthiness wounds, this is going to play out in our daily lives and stop us from demanding pleasure because deep down, we question if we are actually worthy of the pleasure that we desire.

But I PROMISE YOU, what is buried underneath all the layers of conditioning and the wounds that have been inflicted on us, is our core essence and true nature. Within every single one of us lives an inherent and instinctual KNOWING that we are WORTHY of having everything we desire, we are worthy of pleasure, we are MEANT to be living TURNED ON lives. We just have to dig past the layers.

So my question for you is this...Do you want to know and FEEL who you really are? Do you want to experience the absolute orgasmic liberation that comes with claiming your right to pleasure? Are you ready to want, TO WANT to live a fully turned on life?

If the answer is yes.....Hallelujah! You are one step closer to experiencing more pleasure in your life! Being honest with ourselves about where we are and recognizing that we actually do want to make a change is half the battle. The next step is rolling up our sleeves and doing a little digging to get rid of the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs that have kept us disconnected from our pleasure. But don't worry Sis, I've got the shovel and I'm ready to DIG with you! We might get our hands a little dirty in the process, but I promise, that's half the fun.

Speaking of getting our hands dirty... In my upcoming group program "RevolYOUtion", we are going to be getting down and dirty together; breaking free from all sorts of societal conditioning, shattering limiting beliefs, exploring our sexual nature, and fully reclaiming our Feminine power. We kick off on March 7th, so there's still time to enroll! Full details below.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to start observing your day-to-day; are there opportunities for you to experience more pleasure? Are there ways for you to seek out more pleasure?

Start thinking about your current capacity to experience pleasure; are you leaving yourself SPACE to experience pleasure? Because a HUGE component of experiencing more pleasure comes from slowing down and being present. Are you rushing around all of the time or can you challenge yourself to slow down and be more present?

Can you challenge yourself and say, "Today, I am going to make pleasure a priority?" Because babe, I promise, even just bringing the awareness of more pleasure into your life will be a GAME CHANGER.



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