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Bye, Bye Tampons....

Bye, Bye Tampons. Hello Menstrual Cup!

Ladies, one of the best decisions I ever made was switching from using tampons to the menstrual cup. The reasons feel endless, but here are some of my favorites.

First, how many times have you found yourself frantically in a bathroom, preying upon some unsuspecting woman, hoping to god she has a tampon? Or the feeling of panic when you realize you forgot your tampons at home and have to make an emergency stop at the gas station? Or my personal favorite, how about the countless numbers of panties that have been ruined as a result of not changing your tampon in time?

If you have experienced any of the scenarios and don’t want to find yourself in these predicaments again, the solution is simple; switch to the cup!

Aside from the fact that the cup is ultimately so much less stressful, here are some other amazing benefits of using the cup.

1. I'm Repeating the “less stress” factor because I can't stress it enough (pun intended). You typically only have the change the cup once every 12 hours or so, you shouldn’t have leakage, and no more frantic gas station stops.

2. The cup is so much better for the environment as you are no longer discarding the inevitable paper and plastic products that are used from the box that they come in, the wrapper, and the tampon/pad itself.

3. It is a pretty big money saver! Did you know that on average, a woman spends around $5,000 on menstrual products during her bleeding years? Guess how much the menstrual cup costs?? A whopping $28.00 and it lasts for 10 years!!!!!!

4. It is SO much better for your body!!!!! Did you know that tampons are considered a medical device and therefore, they do not have to list what they are made of on the box? And recent independent studies are showing that tampons are full of pesticides! PESTICIDES!!! I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to be putting pesticides in my vagina!

5. It truly helps you develop a deeper connection to your blood and to your cycle. This one has been the biggest game changer for me. When we bleed, our body is going through a huge process of releasing and shedding in order to prepare for the next phase of our cycle. There is just something really magical and Sacred about being able to see what your body is shedding and releasing on a physical level. I now have little mini ceremonies where I specifically state the things that I am releasing at an energetic level, like things that are no longer serving me, things that are holding me back, or things I just want to let go of, every time I pour my blood out from the cup. Side note- I’ve had some women express that they are grossed out over the idea of seeing and pouring out their blood and being concerned that it is messy. I promise, it’s really not that messy.

Have I convinced you yet? I truly hope so, but if not and you are still on the fence, I’d love to open up a conversation about this and answer any of your questions!

Also, if you are ready to give the cup a try, I would highly recommend the Saalt cup. I’ve tried many different cups and this one is by far my favorite. It’s super comfortable, I’ve never experienced leakage, and I’ve left it in for the full 12 hours many times. Here’s the link to the cup that I love the most

Happy Cupp-ing Ladies!

All My Love, Jess

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