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Are you "turned on"?

Updated: Feb 14

If you were to ask yourself honestly if you are living as a fully turned-on woman, what would your answer be? I pose this question to you today because it's a question that I desperately wish someone would have posed to me back when I was absolutely NOT living as a fully turned-on woman. Actually, before you answer that question, let me explain what I mean by being a "turned-on "woman.

For context, I used to live a very "turned off" life. My day-to-day was pretty consumed with stress, exhaustion, and anxiety. Every moment of my day was scheduled and planned out and I rarely had room to just "flow" or "play". I had a constant running "to-do" list, where even when I was accomplishing so much, it never felt like enough. I was a ROCKSTAR people pleaser; if there was a class on people pleasing, I would have been the star student. And if you have any experience with people pleasing, you know that it is miserable. I rarely did things for myself and was always worried about disappointing someone. I was completely disconnected from my emotions because I was terrified of being "too much". I had no idea how to listen to the signals from my body or my intuition. Even when I was completely tapped out and had no energy, I would force myself to push through.

My sex drive was AWOL. My ex-husband and I didn't have an intimate relationship for almost 3 years (though there were alot of reasons for this). I really struggled to feel creative or inspired and was often questioning my purpose. This list could go on, but I think you get the picture. I was completely "turned off" and disconnected from my body, my emotions, my feminine energy, and my pleasure.

The sad truth is that we live in a world that demands so much from us – be it in our careers, relationships, or daily responsibilities – it's TOO EASY to become disconnected from ourselves. In fact, in this crazy world that we live in, it takes desire and intentionality to live as a "TURNED ON" women.

The Turned On Woman

So what does it mean to be living as a turned-on woman? It's about more than just being turned on in the bedroom, though this is also a part of it. Our "turned on-ness" in the bedroom correlates to our "turned on-ness" outside of the bedroom, and vice versa. I believe being "turned-on" is really about a state of being. It's when you radiate from the inside out because you unapologetically know what brings you joy and satisfaction. We have all met a turned-on woman before. You know the woman who just GLOWS differently? She exudes confidence and there is purpose to her step. You can just tell that she is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. This is an example of a living breathing turned-on woman. I can distinctly remember meeting this woman before and thinking to myself, "WHAT IS HER SECRET???" And also thinking, "Whatever that woman has going on, I want it!"

Here's the thing, every single one of us can be that woman because we ALREADY ARE that woman. But sometimes she just gets bogged down with life. Sometimes her switch gets turned off. But just because the switch gets turned off, doesn't mean it can't be flipped back on in an instant. All we have to do is make the choice to reconnect back to ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, and our pleasure. Here are some ways to turn back on:

Reconnecting with Your Body

It's easy to find ourselves so immersed in our daily lives that we forget to tune in to our own bodies on a regular basis. Being a turned-on woman involves reclaiming this connection. Whether it's through mindfulness practices, having a regular self-pleasure routine, reestablishing safety within your body, learning to listen to the signals of your body, living in sync with your menstrual cycle, taking moments to breathe and check-in, and reconnecting with your intuition. Our bodies and our intuition are always communicating with us. They are always pointing us toward the path of pleasure and joy. But so often we are either so disconnected from ourselves that we can't hear the guidance, or we are afraid to follow it because of what others may think. But when you follow your own guidance and intuition, this will always lead you to your most authentic turned-on life.

Embracing Your Emotions

Society often pressures us as women to stifle their emotions, but a turned-on woman allows herself to FEEL and gives herself permission to EXPRESS. A quote that I always come back to is, "If I'm not fully expressing, I'm not fully living". Because I know that if I am holding back on expressing myself, I am not giving myself the chance to experience the totality of my beingness. And how can I be fully turned on if I am holding back and not allowing myself to experience ALL of who I am as a woman.

Honoring Your Menstrual Cycle

I know that for many women, our periods and/or menstrual cycle can be seen as a burden. But sister, I PROMISE you that when you start to see your menstrual cycle as a source of power, insight, and a way to connect deeper with your feminine energy, your life will never be the same. In fact, I'm going to be so bold as to say that if you are a woman living in sync with your cycle, it is nearly impossible to be "turned off". Because cycle syncing at it's core, is all about being intimately connected to your body and your emotions as you move through all the different phases each month.

Choosing to Be Turned On

We live in a society that has encouraged women to dim their lights for far too long, this is why choosing to be a turned-on woman is a revolutionary act. It's a conscious decision to prioritize self-discovery, your own pleasure, and ALL of who you are as a woman. It's a journey of rediscovering and embracing the essence of who you are, unapologetically and authentically. It's what we deserve.

Speaking of acts of Revolution... If you are in a place in your life where you know deep down that you have been living a turned-off life, but you are desiring to turn back on and reconnect with yourself... Sister you are in the right place! My new coaching program "RevolYOUtion" is designed to do exactly this! We are going to switch that light allllllll the way back up to FULL brightness!

Remember, the light within you is waiting to be reignited sister – it's time to turn it up and shine like the beautiful light that you are!

All my love,


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